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The Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)

The Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) is a course designed to help ...

Free family mediation sessions

The benefits of mediation as a way of sorting out family disputes during divor...

Legal aid is still available for mediation

                                                                      Tips for keeping your costs down

  • Relationship breakdown, divorce, dissolution and separation can be painful and confusing

  • Parenting after separation can be fraught with difficulties

  • We can help you with the emotional, practical and legal issues that you face.

  • Offices in Reading and Newbury for local, personal support


"I was very impressed by our mediator’s professionalism and level of knowledge combined with a very approachable and empathetic manner. Thank you for providing a ...

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" I found staff all great, plus they listened and understood situation well. Helpful and gave useful info which helped dramatically in making right decision and ...

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"I would like to thank BFM for providing such excellent support during such a difficult time in my life. Also, being able to receive this ...

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"I think BFM offers an invaluable service for couples going through a marriage breakdown. I would like to thank our mediator for her professionalism in ...

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Helping Your Children

Relationship breakdown can be a very emotional time for children, so try to bear the following in mind:

Your Legal Rights

Parents don’t have ‘rights’ as such but they have what is known as ‘parental responsibility’ or PR.

Mediation and legal advice together

Mediators and solicitors work together